Club Rules

Central Alabama Disc Dog Club

 Tournament Rules


General Rules


1          Prior to competition, handlers must read and sign, without altering, the CADDC Registration Form, which contains a liability waiver and publicity release.

2          Handlers must walk dogs on leash to the on-deck area of field, when called. Dogs must be put back on leash immediately after competing. Practicing teams must be out of range of the competition area and spectators so that competing teams are not distracted.

3           Where required by local ordinance, all competing canines must have proof of rabies inoculation and a valid license. Parvo and Canine Cough (Bordetella) immunizations are strongly recommended for all competing dogs.

4          Dog owners are required to clean up if their dog takes a "nature break" whether break takes place during competition or not.

5          Only the competing dog, handler, and contest officials are allowed on the field during competition.

6                  Inappropriate or un-sportsman like behavior may result in the contestant being disqualified from further competition.

7          .        Handlers are responsible for the safety and welfare of their dogs. Handlers and/or owners or their agents are expected to properly supervise and maintain control over their canines at all times.

8          The Central Alabama Disc Dog Club reserves the right to change contest rules, schedule or format without notice. 


Mandatory Disqualification

●Abuse by handler of any canine ●

●Female dog in any stage of heat ● Aggressive canine behavior ●


Zone Distance


1          Level one will be allotted 60 seconds to compete

2          Level two will be allotted 90 seconds to compete

3          Level Three will be allotted 120 seconds to compete

4          The thrower is restricted to the use of a single disc.

5          The handler and their dog must both be behind the throwing line before time can commence.

6          After receiving permission to start from the Line Judge, time will commence when the dog crosses the throwing line.

7           Only successful catches made by the dog before the disc makes contact with the ground score points.

8          In order to score points, the dog must catch the disc while they have at least one paw within the specified competition field. 

9           Dogs that make a catch in mid-air with all four paws off the ground and while executing an obvious leaping effort score an extra half point.

10       The points scoring opportunities are summarized in the following tables:

11       In the event of a tie for 1st, 2nd or 3rd place, the team with the highest score with the least amount of attempts will determine winner. If a tie cannot be resolved then a throw off will determine winner.


Zone Distance                       

ZD 1    (60 sec)          5=1  10=2  15=3  20=4  25=5

ZD 2    (90 sec)        10=1  15=2  20=4  25=4  30=5

ZD 3    (120 sec)      20=1  25=2  30=3  35=4  40=5

½ point jump bonus


  1. If, during the allotted time, a dog takes a nature break on or off the field, time will be immediately stopped and will not resume. Points will be deducted from their score equal to the number of throws that had been made by the handler before the nature break took place.
  2.   In the event of an interruption outside of the handler’s control, Time will be suspended and resumed upon removal of cause of interruption.
  3.   Handler will be allowed to exchange discs for safety reason. Time will continue and handlers are solely responsible for making the exchange.
  4.  Scoring Judges have total discretion for determining scores, and their decisions will not be subject to review or appeal.


Freestyle Rules

1          Level one freestyle will be allowed 60 seconds to perform

2         Level two freestyle will be allowed 90 seconds to perform

3         Level three Freestyle will be allowed 120 seconds to perform

4         Time will begin upon the release of the first disc.

5         Contestants are encouraged to bring their own music provided their music is suitable for all audiences.

6          Any throw that leaves the handlers hand before time elapses will be scored

7         Competing dogs must be at least 14 months or older to participate in freestyle events.

8          Teams are allowed up to a maximum of 10 discs.  The judging staff and or contest officials must approve any disc other than the official tournament Disc provided.

9         Only Tricks, other than intentional rollers,  that begin and end with a disc in flight will be scored

10       If during the course of a competitor allotted time a canine takes a ‘nature break” time will be stopped and not resumed.  Competitors will be judged by performance up to the incident.  Additionally, They will receive a 2-point deduction from their score for that round. 

11       In the event of an interruption outside of the handler’s control, Time will be suspended and resumed upon removal of cause of interruption.

12       Competitors will be judged in the following 5 categories. 3 judges will apply a 0-10 subjective score in increments of 1/10th of a point.  The precision judge will calculate the hit/miss ratio by the formula below.

13      In the event of a Tie for 1st, 2nd or 3rd place the winner will be determined by the highest catch ratio. If the catch ration does not settle a tie then a throw off will determine winner.

Canine Skill

A     Focus (ability to maintain drive and concentration throughout routine)

B     Athleticism (canine demonstrates grace and control while running, jumping and landing.

C     Retrieve (Canine demonstrates skill in retrieval while maintaining adequate grip.

Handler Skill

A     Disc management (ability to release and recover discs through the course of the routine)

B     Field management ( the ability to use planed movement around the field.)

C     Release Variation (Handlers ability to use a wide rage of throws, grips and releases)


A     Entertainment value (General impression of overall crowd appeal)

B     Team Work (demonstration of co-operation and choreography between handler and Canine.

C     Trick Variety (assessment of trick difficulty and repetition. 


 Team will receive 1-point bonus per round if 3/4 judges agree that a team demonstrated creative, innovative or trend setting move(s)


                      Calculated formula, Catches / Throws = Precision Score

    Safety Deductions

A one point deduction PER OCCURRENCE will be subtracted from each round if 3/ 4 judges agree the any part of a dogs body touches the ground other than the feet while landing).


Distance rules


1                     Thrower must make all attempts from behind foul line

2                     Dog must be behind throwing line upon release of  disc

3                    Each competitor will receive 3 attempts to make a successful catch

4                    Any attempt that is called foul will count toward the throws attempts and will receive no score for that attempt.

5                    The last attempt is the scored throw